Unite for a Cure: HHO Joins Hunterdon County’s Relay for Life Event in the Fight Against Cancer!

May 24, 2023

Join Us in the Fight Against Cancer at Hunterdon County’s Relay for Life Event

At Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, we believe that by standing together, we can make a remarkable difference in the battle against cancer. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Relay for Life event at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. This charity event, scheduled for June 2, 2023, from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM, is an incredible opportunity for our community to come together, raise funds, and support the fight against cancer. Join us as we unite in a powerful display of solidarity, hope, and determination.

Relay for Life is a global movement that brings communities together to take a stand against cancer. Through the generous contributions of funds, time, and awareness, the Relay for Life initiative has made a significant impact in the fight against this devastating disease. It is an event where survivors, caregivers, and supporters rally together to honor those who have battled cancer, remember those we have lost, and show our unwavering commitment to a future without cancer.

Participating in the Relay for Life event at Hunterdon Central is both rewarding and easy! Here’s how you can get involved:

Join Our Team:
We invite you to join the Hunterdon Hematology Oncology team, Pirates of the Cure-ibbean, and walk with us to combat cancer. By becoming a team member, you will contribute directly to the funds raised and show your support for cancer patients and survivors. Together, we can make a difference!

Raise Funds:
Help us raise vital funds for cancer research, patient support services, and educational programs. Reach out to your friends, family, and colleagues, sharing your commitment to the cause and asking for their support. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to a world free from cancer.

Spread the Word:
Building awareness is crucial to the success of this event. Help us spread the word and engage more individuals in our cause. Share this blog post on your social media platforms, email it to your friends and family, and encourage them to join us in the fight against cancer. Together, we can create a ripple effect of change and make a lasting impact on our community.

Relay for Life, organized by the American Cancer Society, has a rich history of making a lasting impact in the fight against cancer. Through the funds raised, groundbreaking research is conducted, life-saving treatments are developed, and crucial patient support services are provided. With your participation in the Relay for Life event, you become an integral part of this collective effort to improve cancer outcomes and enhance the quality of life for those affected.

To learn more about the Relay for Life charity initiative and the American Cancer Society’s mission, visit cancer.org. Their website offers comprehensive information on ongoing research, support services, and various ways to get involved. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those facing cancer.

The Relay for Life event at Hunterdon Central Regional High School is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see our community come together in this incredible show of support. Let’s raise funds, share our stories, and honor the strength and resilience of those affected by cancer. Join the Hunterdon Hematology Oncology team and together, let’s make a powerful impact in the fight against cancer. We look forward to standing side by side with you at this remarkable event!

About HHO

Hunterdon Hematology Oncology is a community oncology group, dedicated to fighting cancer in this community and across the region. Our Doctors, Physician’s Assistants and Nurses work tirelessly. They fight hard so that you can win.


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