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Current Clinical Studies

Clinical Observation Trials

CONNECT_MM Study: For patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma

Biovica Divitum Study: For patients with HR+ Metastatic Breast Cancer


Clinical Treatment Trials

ABEMA Study: For patients with ER+ HER2- Early Breast Cancer

Therapy on Trial: Giredestrant and Abemaciclib

ASCENT-05 Study: For patients who completed chemotherapy followed by surgery

Therapy on Trial: Sacituzumab Govetican and Pembrolizumab

TAILOR Study: For patients who have not received treatment for their CLL

Therapy on Trial: Ibrutinib & Venetoclax OR Ibrutinib Alone

COCOON Study: For patients who have not received treatment for their locally advanced/metastatic EGFR mutated NSCLC

Therapy on Trial: Amivantamab & Lazertinib with dermatological medications

REC-4881-221 LILAC Study: For patients with an AXIN1 or APC mutation for locally advanced or metastatic cancer

Therapy on Trial: REC-4881 Drug

Past Studies

Essential Thrombocythemia Study

NCI-MATCH Study: Targeted therapy directed by genetic testing

INSIGHT_MM Study: For patients with multiple myeloma

ROMAN Study: For patients receiving chemoradiotherapy for head and neck cancer

REVEAL Study: For patients with polycythemia vera

To learn more about a specific clinical trial, please contact our Clinical Trial Coordinator by dialing 908.237.1201 extension 262 or email

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