ASCENT-05: For patients who completed chemotherapy followed by surgery

Therapy on Trial: Sacituzumab Govetican and Pembrolizumab

Study Information

Study Title

A Randomized, Open-label, Phase 3 Study of Adjuvant Sacituzumab Govitecan and Pembrolizumab Versus Treatment of Physician’s Choice in Patients With Triple Negative Breast Cancer Who Have Residual Invasive Disease After Surgery and Neoadjuvant Therapy

Study Summary

The purpose of this clinical trial is to compare invasive disease-free survival (iDFS) between sacituzumab govitecan and pembrolizumab versus treatment of physician’s choice (TPC).

Disease State

Triple Negative Breast Cancer (ER-, PR-, HER2-)

Principal Investigator

Megha Shah, MD

Phase III

If you have any questions regarding this study or think that you or your loved one may be eligible, please contact our Clinical Trial Coordinator by dialing 908.237.1201 extension 262.

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